Moscow, April 12-14, 2017

The Congress of Russian Mycologists is a major national and international meeting in Mycology summoned once in 5 years since 2002. The congress is organized by All-Russian National Academy of Mycology with support of institutions of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Russian Botanical Society and M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University.
Congress Venue

Moscow, Hotel and Convention Center Molodyozhniy, Dmitrovskoe schosse, 27 k1. All sessions of the Congress are convened simultaneously in 4 Halls; Great, Small, and the Halls 2 and 3 situated at level 2. Selected hearings are convened in Academy Clinical Center. Laboratory workshops take place in Research Institutes of Moscow.

Congress participants

Participation in Congress is FREE of charge for all pre-registered delegates from Russia and CIS. List of confirmed participants to date.

International admissions to sessions and workshops

Foreign participants being members of Societies affiliated with All-Russian National Academy of Mycology (IUMS, ISHAM, ECMM, ESCMID, FEMS) are invited and are also exempt from registration fee. Members of National Mycological Societies may present a letter of accreditation to be exempt from registration fee.

Official language of the Congress is Russian. No translation to other languages is offered. Download translated Programme.


Name of the session Day Time Hall/place
Plenary sessions
Opening of the Congress Wednesday/12 10:00-10:30 Great hall
Laureates session 1 Wednesday/12 10:30-13:00 Great hall
Laureates session 2 Thursday/13 09:30-11:30 Great hall
Academys Presidium meeting Friday/14 14:00-15:00 Clinical center
General Assembly. Closing ceremony. Friday/14 14:00-15:00 Great hall
Breakout sessions
01. Fungal genetics Wednesday/12 13:30-15:00 Great hall
02. Fungal biotechnology-1 Wednesday/12 13:30-15:00 Hall 2
03. Fungi as biodestructional agents Wednesday/12 13:30-15:00 Small hall
04. Dermatomycology-1 Wednesday/12 15:15-17:30 Great hall
05. Biology of yeasts Wednesday/12 15:15-17:30 Hall 2
06. Systematics and evolution of fungi Wednesday/12 15:15-17:30 Small hall
07. Fungal biotechnology-2 Wednesday/12 17:45-19:00 Hall 2
08. Fungi and human ecology Wednesday/12 17:45-19:00 Hall 3
09. Lichenized and lichenophylic fungi. 1 Thursday/13 09:00-11:00 Hall 2
10. Antifungals and fungicides-1 Thursday/13 09:00-11:00 Hall 3
11. Collections and herbaria Thursday/13 09:00-11:00 Small hall
12. Lichenized and lichenophylic fungi. 2 Thursday/13 11:15-13:00 Hall 2
13. Antifungals and fungicides -2 Thursday/13 11:15-13:00 Hall 3
14. Invasive mycoses-1 Thursday/13 11:15-13:00 Small hall
15. Dermatomycology-2 Thursday/13 13:30-15:15 Great hall
16. Ecology of fungi-1 Thursday/13 13:30-15:15 Hall 2
17. Invasive mycoses-2 Thursday/13 13:30-15:15 Small hall
18. Phytopathogenic fungi-1 Thursday/13 15:30-17:15 Great hall
19. Ecology of fungi-2 Thursday/13 15:30-17:15 Hall 2
20. Phytopathogenic fungi-2 Thursday/13 17:30-19:00 Hall 2
21. Fungi of extreme habitats Thursday/13 17:30-19:00 Hall 2
22. Veterinary mycology Friday/14 09:00-10:00 Great hall
23. Drugs from fungi Friday/14 09:00-10:00 Hall 2
24. Cultivation of macromycetes Friday/14 09:00-10:00 Small hall
25. Morphology, ontogenesis and structure Friday/14 10:15-11:45 Great hall
26. Flora and preservation of fungi-1 Friday/14 10:15-11:45 Hall 2
27. Toxygenic fungi and mycotoxicoses Friday/14 10:15-11:45 Small hall
28. Flora and preservation of fungi -2 Friday/14 12:00-13:30 Hall 2
29. Symbiosis of fungi with plants Friday/14 12:00-13:30 Hall 3
30. Physiology and biochemistry of fungu Friday/14 12:00-13:30 Small hall
SY1. Innovations in treatment of mycoses Thursday/13 11:15-13:00 Great hall
SY2. Mycoses and immunity Thursday/13 15:30-17:15 Small hall
SY3. Candidiasis Thursday/13 17:30-19:00 Small hall
1. Laboratory of mycelial fungi Friday/14 09:00-10:30 IBPM RSA
2. Laboratory of medical mycology Friday/14 11:30-13:00 SSC Haematology
Round table talks
1. Immunotherapy of mycoses Wednesday/12 11:30-13:00 Small hall
2. Tinea pedis: let's turn to the patient Wednesday/12 17:45-18:45 Small hall
3. Teaching mycology Thursday/13 15:30-17:00 Clinical center
1. Publishing committee and editorial committee Wednesday/12 13:00-13:30 Clinical center
2. Awards committee Thursday/13 13:00-13:30 Clinical center
3. Commission on international affairs Friday/14 12:00-13:30 Clinical center

You may download Pdf verison of full Congress programme.

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