VI Всероссийский конгресс по медицинской микологии. Москва, 8-10 апреля 2014

International Participants

The Sixth Russian Congress of Medical Mycology will be held in Moscow, Russia, on April 08-10, 2014.

The official language of the Congress is Russian. Translation may be provided for special sessions with international invited speakers.

Abstract submission in English is acceptable for international speakers outside CIS.

Participation in Congress programme is free for members of ISHAM, ECMM and ESCMID as organizations affiliated with All-Russian National Academy of Mycology.

Congress Preliminary Programme

The Congress Programme wil include sessions on following topics:

  • Taxonomy, systematics and genomes of medically important fungi
  • New causative agents and the problem of antifungal resistance
  • Studies in fungal pathogenicity and host response
  • Dermatophyte infections in Russia and CIS: epidemiology, control and prevention campaigns
  • Dermatomycology: what's new in diagnosis and treatment of superficial mycoses
  • Stepping further in onychomycosis therapy
  • Candidosis in gynecology and urology
  • Mycoses in specialized and multispecialty clinical setting
  • Fungal infection in ENT and ophthalmology
  • Candidosis and opportunistic mycoses in pediatrics and neonatology
  • Rare, imported and emerging fungal infections
  • Mycoses and immunological deficiency
  • Fungal infection in ICU
  • Mycoses in clinical oncology, haematology and trasplantology
  • Mycoecology and biosafety
  • Fungal allergy and immunopathology
  • Mycotoxins and poisoning
  • Ineraction of medical and veterinary mycology
  • Molecular methods and modern algorithms in diagnosing mycoses
  • Russian experience in pharmacotherapy of superficial and invasive mycoses
  • Modern fungal biotechnology and their applicationd to clinical practice
  • Russian antifungals and fungicides
  • Prophylaxis of fungal disease
  • Developing standards of care in medical mycology
  • Teaching medical mycology

In addition to regular breakout sessions, round-table discussions on standards in diagnosis and treatment of fungal infestions, symposia and workshops, forum meeting of young mycologists and a session of A.M. Arievich and Z.G. Stepanisheva Award laureates are planned.

Proposals for international participation should be directed before February 1, 2014 to the Organizing Committee.

For guidelines on registration and abstract submission please use translate service.  

Шестой Всероссийский конгресс по медицинской микологии.  Москва, 08-10 апреля 2014 г.  Центральный Дом Ученых РАН